Classes available at The Art Center of the Capital Region in downtown Troy, NY. Go to the Art Center website for times, dates, and to sign up:

The Painting Room at the Art Center of the Capital Region, set up for my summer color workshop.

Painting Color (Oil or Acrylic)
5 sessions beginning Feb. 20 or 28, 2018
6:15-9:15 pm Tues. nights or 9:30 AM-12:30 PM Wed. mornings

A creative approach to color theory with a focus on adding richness and vitality to your paintings. For beginners or experienced painters who would like to deepen their understanding of color. Students learn reliable color mixing and use of color to express form, light, and mood. A turpentine-free class. You may bring brushes or buy them in class the first day, studio fee covers all remaining materials.

Painting Techniques (Oil or Acrylic)
5 classes beginning April 3, 2018
6 to 9 PM Tuesday evenings

Study a variety of painting techniques based on artists through history and living today. Expand your options and find the approach that is a fit for you. We’ll discuss preferred applications for oil paints and acrylics; students will choose one for the entire class. A turpentine-free class. Students should bring paints and brushes, materials fee covers other supplies. (You may buy brushes from the instructor the first day; option is available to buy paints from the instructor for in-class use). Prerequisite: Painting Color or equivalent experience.

Beginning Drawing
Monday evenings 6-9 pm or Friday mornings 10am-1pm
4 classes beginning Jan. 22 or 26

Learn fundamental drawing skills and gain confidence expressing yourself on paper. Complete beginners or artists with some experience can work at an individual pace within a structured format. Explore proportion, perspective, and working with line and tone, plus some fun exercises to shift you into the creative right side of your brain. All techniques are demonstrated, and presentations of artwork inform and inspire. All materials included.

Advanced-Beginning Drawing
Monday evenings 6-9 pm or Friday mornings 10am-1pm
4 classes beginning Feb. 26 or March 2 ( no class March 6)

Explore basic drawing techniques in more depth. Topics include proportion, perspective, expressive line quality, and contour drawing. We'll create form with light and shadow using shadow-erase techniques or crosshatching. Students move from simple to more complex subject matter at their own pace. All techniques are demonstrated, and presentations of artwork inform and inspire.

Intermediate Drawing
4 classes beginning April 2
Monday evenings 6-9pm

Build on basic drawing skills with a wider variety of subject matter with attention to composition, expression, and style. The course includes an introduction to portraiture. Recommended: Advanced Beginning Drawing or equivalent experience. All materials Included.



Marion Reynolds received a BA in studio art from Middlebury College, and an MFA in painting from Queens College CUNY. She also studied at the Center for Art Safety in NYC. She has taught art for 15 years at McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville Virginia, The Douglass Street Artspace in Brooklyn, NY, and as a graduate teaching assistant at Queens College.

This is what former students say about her teaching:

“Marion is a generous, thoughtful and prepared teacher. In Marion's drawing and painting classes I was both encouraged and challenged to see in new ways and to explore new techniques and processes. She was one of my early teachers and by far the most influential to this day.”
Lee Halstead

“Marion’s painting and figure drawing classes became my art community and support system. She was always encouraging and gave lots of individual attention. I had many happy moments working in her classes, continuing to expand my skills and confidence as an artist. “
Jean Sampson

“Marion was super organized and the structure of the class guaranteed success and amazement. We were painting still lifes, which didn't thrill me at first (not yet expecting to be amazed). She tricked us into making beautiful paintings! It was all very simple, careful and was a pivotal experience for me.”
Julia Bloom

“Marion Reynolds was the teacher who had the greatest influence over my decision to make art an important and integral part of my life...her style was to encourage us and to help us to not be afraid of making a mistake and to try new techniques. She was good at bringing the class together as a group.”
Betty Brubach

“My experience in learning from Marion really stands out in the long list of classes I have taken over the years... I felt totally at ease working with her, even though I had had very little experience in oil.”
Nancy Galloway

(resident artist, McGuffey Art Center)